Don’t you MATTE me baby?

So to kick off our Fall Look Series, we’re starting with a breathtaking new trend that we LOVE!

Remember the days of the naked eye and the bright lip? We all love this look, but there is another look that is ready to win you over. Are you ready? Dark, neutral, matte colors. 

I know what you’re thinking, “is this too much like the 90’s?” 

Believe it or not, the 90’s fashion is amongst us. So get ready to wear those flannel shirts, combat boots, chunky metallic bracelets, and some killer new eyeshadow techniques to pull it all together. 

If dark eyeshadow is already your thing, it’s time to mix it up. Most of us are pretty attached to the concept of the smokey eye and the black eyeshadow. Think outside of the box this fall with a deep eggplant shade or a rich chocolatey brown color. 

Start off with a nude matte color, like a light grey or a taupe, and blend it from lash line to crease. Then, pick out your dark matte color and place it in the crease and along the lash line only on the outer corners. Depending on how dark the shade is, you could probably get away with spreading it along the whole lash line. Start on the outer corners, and work your way in. Next, instead of reaching for that eyeliner pencil, take that dark color and smudge lightly along the bottom lash line. 

Here are some of our favorite dark neutral matte colors that are a must have:

Plumage, by M.A.C 

Shadowy, by M.A.C

 Dark Horse, by Urban Decay

  Smokin’ Eyes kit, by Benefit Cosmetics (this one has a collection of both matte and shimmer, for those of you that can’t shake the shimmer just yet)

Betrayal, by NIX

Charcoal, by Bobbi Brown

Blonde, by Bobbi Brown

These are just a few! Try them on, play with your new re-invented 90’s makeup look, put that Nirvana CD in your car, and have a fashionable day!

What is your favorite fall dark neutral matte shade? Let us know in the comments.



~ by surjayaartistry on October 11, 2012.

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