Battle Dry Skin!

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How many of you feel like your skin is so confused this winter season? Its cold, then its hot, then its raining, then its sunny and dry! Yes, we all love living in Southern California, but we have to make sure we are taking the best possible care of our skin, especially for seasons like this one.

Every winter, you’ll notice that your skin will tend to feel dryer than normal. We have found a remedy to battling the dryness in order to keep your hands smooth and handshake ready…or even hand-holding ready!

OPI has some great hand and nail treatments that will quickly become your best friend. We recommend using OPI’s Avoplex cuticle oil along your nails followed by a dose of Avojuice Skin Quencher lotion on your hands before bed. Be prepared to wake up to some soft and hydrated hands!

We love these products because they work really well. Also, as a plus, the Avojuice smells delicious! You can pick from the different scents they offer.

Try it out, you’ll love your newly refreshened skin!

-Surjaya Artistry


Ultimate Brush Rolls!

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As Makeup Artists, we know that the key to a successful face starts with the brushes. Investing in good brushes is only the beginning, but so many people stop there. We have to remember to take care of our brushes as well! A happy brush is a well performing brush. 

At IMATS LA 2011, we came across a lovely lady, Trudy, who creates these amazing brush rolls! Basically, it’s the coziest and safest place your brushes can go. We checked her different types of brush rolls, but Surjaya’s favorite is the Glamour Traveller, because it is the cutest! Also, it’s very compact and fits everywhere, but holds OVER 20 brushes! These brush rolls spread out for easy access to your tools, but roll up into a little clutch looking purse. (photos above)

We recommend these rolls for everyone! Whether you’re a Makeup Artist, or just a girl that wants to take the best care of her brushes, you need a new brush roll!  

For more information, visit

Surjaya Artistry

Eye Love!

•September 30, 2011 • 2 Comments

How many of you girls out there look in the mirror half way through the day and find that your eyeshadow has abandoned you?? Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone. But, any Makeup Artist will tell you, you need an eyeshadow primer, and we agree 100%. Don’t even think about applying a great eyeshadow look without starting with a primer that can stick around. (hah, get it?).

Presently, our favorite is Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray! This is a liquid eyeshadow/concealer primer. Yes, concealer primer, but we’ll get to that part in a bit. First, you need to know that when using this product, you shouldn’t pump the bottle all the way, only HALF way, if that. Otherwise, you’ll have enough primer on your hands to cover you’re whole face. Don’t do that!

When you use this product, it should be the step right before your under eye concealer. If you do use this product as a concealer primer as well as an eyeshadow primer, only use a tiny drop. The main focus is to be applied to the top of the lid. However, it’s a nice way to keep your under eye concealer from creasing up on you mid-day!

Check it out, and you’ll never have eyeshadow abandonment issues again.




Surjaya Artistry

Koh Gen Do

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Let’s talk about foundation for a moment. It seems a lot of us struggle with finding the right kind, right color, right texture. How much is too much? Does it look natural?

We found an awesome product that is blog-worthy.

For those of you that want some kind of coverage, yet do not want a heavy, obviously wearing makeup kind of look, check out Koh Gen Do’s Moisture Foundation. We played with this product while networking at IMATS LA this past June, and its time to share the news.  This foundation is so moisturizing that your skin looks and feels so natural in it. But, those with oily skin, don’t be afraid, it won’t leave you feeling oily and greasy. Even oily skin needs a healthy amount of daily moisture!
Keep in mind, you  don’t just swipe this on like any other foundation. Instead, you take your foundation brush and gently stiple it onto your skin. Almost as if you’re just pressing your brush to your skin instead of wiping-like motions. The end result is fantastic.

Learn more at


Let us know what you think!




Surjaya Artistry

Happy Birthday Surjaya

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This is a little note to Surjaya Cruz, the owner and founder of Surjaya Artisty.



From all of us here at Surjaya Artistry, we want to say Happy Birthday from the bottom of our hearts. You are such a wonderful woman, and the way you lead by example is so inspiring. Thank you for your kind words, encouraging notes, and unforgettable moments. The experiences here have have not only helped us in the Makeup Industry, but in everyday life. We can’t wait to see what is in store for you and your business.


Happy Birthday!! xoxox.


-Surjaya Artistry

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

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Hello Everyone!

We have a new and exciting product to share with you! OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Makeup has this unique creation called Lip Tar. It looks and feels like a luxuriously thick lip gloss, but guess what! It’s even better. It acts as a liquid lipstick, and the color sticks to your lips like a lip stain. Once it drys, it’s ready to hang with you all day.

We LOVE the “set it and forget it” products here at Surjaya Artistry, and this is a must have! Surjaya’s favorite color is Interlace.  Check it out!


Much love,

Surjaya Artistry


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Even though I have an amazing job, I need a little get-away here and there just like everyone else. This time, I went to Orlando, Florida with my family and we are having so much fun here!

We visited the Kennedy Space Center, Walt Disney World, and, of course, had some time to relax and unwind as well.

To any fellow freelancer out there, I highly recommend some R&R time, whether it’s local or travel worthy. Here’s a photo of my R&R moment:


xoxo, Surjaya